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The technology of the Nintendo 3DS is definitely impressive. Though you might have been very skeptical since the day that it was introduced, you would have felt a sense of relief the moment that you saw how it was able to work and how cool it looked. What can make you all excited could possibly be its slide panel along with the graphical power that has been increased.



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Domain MP3DS.COM was first registered in the year 2000, but was consequently dropped without being renewed, only to be reregistered in 29-oct-2003! At first it operated as a MP3 search engine, but when the Nintendo DS was released in 2004 I got the idea to develop it into a Nintendo DS MP3 site. Gameboy Advance Flash Linker cartridges and later on R4 DS cards could play music files so it made sense. With many other project in my To-do list I didn't really get around to developing it until 2010 when the Nintendo 3DS was announced! Now MP3DS made a even more sense! Like an abbreviation or an acronym for Media Player for 3DS.

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Old MP3DS site News - We are working on the charts right now, all our charts will be updated this weekend. This has been a great week for this site. We now get more than 6000 unique visitors daily! Thank you all!! We have also set up our own mailinglist! Just put in your email adress and press "Join!" above. We are working on some great other new mp3 projects, so come back to this page soon and don't forget to bookmark: Press Ctrl+D) Thanks! crew

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