R4 3DS - N3DS Flash Card

New Nintendo 3DS compatible R4DS Flash Cards. CycloDS iEVO, AceKard, SuperCard.

3DS Media Player & Adapter

Play MP3, Avi, 3D mkv files from micro SD, SDHC and micro SDXC flash cards.

Homebrew, Chips, Mods

Free homebrew Games and Apps on N3DS after unlocking it with R4 chip and SoftMod

Nintendo 3DS MP3 Player


The technology of the Nintendo 3DS is definitely impressive. Though you might have been very skeptical since the day that it was introduced, you would have felt a sense of relief the moment that you saw how it was able to work and how cool it looked. What can make you all excited could possibly be its slide panel along with the graphical power that has been increased.

You may feel tired eventually if you are just going to keep your head steady and would have to keep your arms locked so that you can play a 3D game properly. This might be something that would be difficult if not for the capability to turn off its 3D effect. Despite this, still you will the excitement of getting to play it. The capability to take 3D photos is also one thing to look forward too. Regardless of the fact that it is equipped with a 3D effect, still there are a lot of things that make the Nintendo 3DS look great just like the numerous games that you can play through it. You will surely highly anticipate for the game Star Fox 64 and is capability to support third-party.